About Us


Sue and Lew live in Cannonvale and aim to offer a local hearing service to their community. We also offer a visiting service to Proserpine, Bowen and Ayr.

Our small company, trading as both Whitsunday Hearing and Burdekin Hearing, was established in 2001.

Bronte joined us in 2007, and brought with her a wealth of experience in office management and IT skills.


We believe in the right of every individual to accurate hearing assessment, and where required, access to appropriate rehabilitation for hearing loss.

At Whitsunday Hearing we are proud of our core values:

Care   •   Quality   •   Honesty   •   Respect   •   Lifestyle

We are a lifestyle-based company, with the goal of providing a high standard of hearing care to our community.

All advice is aimed at meeting the individual’s goals for better hearing and communication.

Our friendly staff will work together as a team and are always happy to assist you with any hearing-related issues.

Sue & lew Tuck from Whitsunday HearingSue Tuck

BA(Hons)(Psych), Cert. in Audiology (NAL), MAudSA(CCP), MISA , MACAud. Audiologist with 30 years experience in Public, hospital and private audiology.

Lew Tuck

MIE Aust, CPEng, MACAud (Provisional) Audiometrist/ Engineer with a wealth of experience in engineering and now a qualified Audiometrist dedicated to helping people find workable solutions to their hearing problems.


Office Manager with extensive experience and expertise in management and IT.

We each bring different skills to our work and we are continually participating in ongoing learning and development of these skills in response to the needs of our clients.

You can be sure you will be treated with friendliness, care and respect.

HearingNEPAL Program

Samjana with her Bone conduction AidMobile Ear campsPrimary ear care campsa song for a heargin aid

Lew and Sue are also personally involved in supporting the development of a program of ear care and hearing services in the Himalayan country of Nepal.

Commencing in 2009, they began by donating their time, hearing aids and equipment to the most disadvantaged groups, both adults and children, in Nepal.

Now, working in partnership with local Nepali people and NAHOH – the Nepal Association of the Hard of Hearing – we can see the program benefit many with ear problems both in the city and in the more remote regions of the country.
The HearingNEPAL Program is now an Incorporated Association in Australia and is a Registered Charity in Queensland. We are currently seeking Donor Gift Recipient status through AusAid, which will allow donations to be tax-deductible.

For more information, or to subscribe to our newsletter, please see hearingnepal.org