Services provided include

Pre-Employment Hearing Tests

Many occupations and industries require an employee to have a hearing test performed on the commencement of their employment and at its completion. Some even require monitoring every 2 years to ensure that no damage is being caused during the course of their employment.

Pre-emplolyment hearing tests can be performed at any of our clinics, and we can also come out on site to test large numbers should a suitably quiet room be available. Please contact our office to discuss pricing for larger numbers of employees.

Industries that generally require hearing tests include, but are not limited to aviation, mining, railway, steel fabrication, mills, factory and construction.

How do I know if I need to use hearing protection?

If a workplace environment exceeds the standard of 85dB (A), then hearing protection must be worn. Depending on the amount the noise level exceed the standard, then the amount of time an employee can work in that environment with hearing protection is reduced.