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Starkey Hearing Aid Models

Starkey are in the business of connecting people and changing lives and was founded in 1967 by William F. Austin with the simple premise, "Alone we can't do much. Together, we can change the world." Starkey are proud supporters of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which helps people in need around the world receive the gift of hearing. To date, Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided more than 1 million hearing health care services to people in need worldwide.
As a world leader in manufacturing and delivering advanced hearing solutions, Starkey's goal is to bring people together and make lives richer by empowering individuals to reach their full potential in life.

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About the brand


Starkey Hearing Technologies produces quality hearing aids designed to improve the lifestyle of people with hearing loss. Models available through Independent Hearing Solutions include:

  • SoundLens
  • Halo
  • Muse