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Unitron Hearing Aid Models

Unitron are a Canadian company that are part of the global Sonova group that also manufacture Phonak hearing products. Established in 1964, Unitron products are sold on over 70 countries around the world and have 100+ Audiology experts and mechanical electroacoustic, algorithmic and software engineers in their Kitchener development center.
At Unitron, hearing aids are designed like every other well designed product you use each day. Just as a chair is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and has easy-to-use, intuitive controls, Unitron put the user at the centre of their innovation processes to ensure a seamless wearing experience.

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About the brand


Dedicated to improving people’s hearing all around the world, this globally recognised manufacturer partners with passionate hearing healthcare professionals who share their belief that hearing matters.

Models we stock at Independent Hearing Solutions include:

  • Moxi – Tempus & All
  • Stride