Services provided include

Fitting of Hearing Accessories

For many, the fitting of their hearing device can be a life changing moment. The realisation of how much they have been missing out on, and what they can now hear and understand can be an emotional experience.

It is recommended that you bring your partner or significant other to these appointments as they are the ones who you would normally communicate with on a daily basis. Communication is a two way process, as is the hearing rehabilitation process.

The Process

The fitting of hearing devices is a process which is unique to each client and is not a one size fits all approach.  Not only is your hearing loss unique to you, so too is the shape of your ear canals, tolerance, expectations and previous experience with hearing devices.

Unlike the fitting of glasses, hearing devices generally take the wearer longer to adjust and acclimatise to hearing well again. Most people don’t persevere long enough to obtain the full benefits of hearing well again and give up.

Generally, those who have selected a higher level of technology will have greater success with their hearing aids. Advanced features will allow them to hear and understand better in challenging listening situations and they are able to comfortably wear their hearing aids all day long.

During the fitting process, you will be instructed on cleaning, battery changing or charging, general hearing aid maintenance, ear hygiene along with communication tactics and strategies.

Subsequent appointments will be scheduled to check your progress and adjust the hearing aids accordingly.