Services provided include

Adjustments and Repair

It is recommended that you have an annual hearing test to review your hearing levels so that we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your hearing devices are working optimally for your hearing. BTE hearing aids will require the tubing to be changed at least every 12 months, or more frequently, if regularly spending time outdoors.

Hearing devices will need to be sent for repair from time to time. If you purchase your hearing devices from Whitsunday Hearing, we will provide you with a loan hearing aid wherever possible.*

If your hearing devices are out of warranty (usually 3 years), we will obtain a quote for you to approve, prior to the repair going ahead.

*loan hearing aids can be arranged if a clinician is on site at the time. Due to the uniqueness of custom hearing aids, we are unable to provide a loan hearing aid if you have a custom device.

Hearing Aid repairs

Some hearing aids can require more repairs than others and the frequency of repairs can vary from person to person. To minimize breakdowns, ensure that you do the following:

  • clean your hearing aids daily to remove any wax and dust particles
  • at the end of each day, put your hearing aids in an electronic drying machine specifically designed for hearing devices – be sure to remove the battery and  leave the battery door open. This will ensure that the hearing aid can be dried inside and out
  • although most hearing aids now have an IP rating of 68 (which is the dust and water resistance rating), we encourage you to avoid getting your hearing aids wet on a regular basis
  • bring your hearing aids into our clinic at least every 12 months so that we can check that they are working well. We encourage you to come more regularly so that any issues can be rectified
  • have your ears regularly checked for wax. Wax is a major cause of hearing aids breaking down and can be minimized by having your ears checked for wax regularly. We provide wax removal services by both manual removal and suctioning (no syringing)