Are hearing aid prices really that much?

Do hearing aids really cost THAT much?

You have been trying to ignore the fact that you have been struggling to hear Bill and Ken out on the golf course for some time, and claim the grandchildren mumble and speak a completely different language when you still don’t understand what they have said for the third time. You finally get up the courage to have your hearing tested and nearly fall off your chair when you are told the hearing aid price.

Yes, hearing aids aren’t like glasses. Our brains are complex, as are our individual expectations, lifestyles and cognitive function.

It is useful to ask the following questions from your hearing aid provider –

  • What does the price include?
  • What is the warranty period for the hearing aid?
  • Are batteries included?
  • Are future appointments included in the price? If so, for how long?
  • How much are additional appointments if I need them?
  • What sort of servicing do you provide?
  • Do you provide annual reviews, and do these cost extra?
  • Do you provided after hour service, or just business hours?
  • Do you offer a free trial before I buy?

Do I NEED that level of technology?

Not everyone needs top-of-the-range technology.

Generally if you live a quiet lifestyle which involves mainly staying at home, watching TV, and most of your conversations are 1:1 with little background noise, then a basic hearing aid will be suitable.

If you are regularly attending meetings for work or the local community group, drive the kids or grandchildren home from school, meet with friends at the local café every Tuesday, regularly on your mobile phone and meet your large extended family for a weekly Sunday lunch, then a more advance hearing aid will be better for you.

Generally, the more active your lifestyle and the more varied situations you find yourself in, a more advanced hearing aid will have specific features in it to optimise your ability to hear and understand better in noise.


Cheaper isn’t always better.

Don’t be afraid to ask your hearing practitioner for testimonials from other clients. Be confident  and happy with the person that will be providing the services to you. After all this will be a long term relationship and you need to be satisfied that you are making an informed choice.

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